Knit and purl stitch

For knitting you need to know two basic stitches: knit and purl. That is the same when you are knitting on a knitting loom. In this article and the video below I will explain how to do the knit and purl stitchs on a knitting loom.

Knit and purl on a knitting loom

There is only one way to do the purl stitch on a knitting loom. However there are three ways to do the knit stitch on a knitting loom:

  • The e- wrap stitch
  • The u-stitch, which is also called the flat stitch
  • The true knit stitch

In the video below I will explain how to do the purl stitch and the three knit stitches on a knitting loom.

Video: knit and purl stitch on al knitting loom

More stitches on a knitting loom

Knit and purl are basic stitches in knitting. Once you know how to do these stitches there are several beautiful combinations you can make with knit or purl. Look HERE for other stitches on a knitting loom, using knit of purl stitches.