Minion hat on a knitting loom

I have been wanting to make this minion hat for a while now, but it took some time before I found the right colors of yarn. Especially the yellow color was hard to find. This yellow yarn is Drops Eskimo for 8 mm needles.

Minion hat pattern for a knitting loom

I made this minion hat for an adult and used the largest standard knitting loom with 41 pegs.

The video below is from Tuteate and explains how to make this hat.

The collar of the hat is made with the rib stitch. In the video the purl stitch is combined with the e-wrap knit stitch, but I prefer the true knit stitch.

The yellow part of the minion hat is made with the e-wrap stitch. The hat is very easy en very fast to make.

Video: how to knit a minion hat on a knitting loom

This video is from Tuteate.

New to loom knitting?

If you are new to loom knitting go to this article and video to learn everything you need to know about knitting on a knitting loom.

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