Simple scarf with fringes on a knitting loom

This simple scarf with fringes is very easy to make, especially when you are new to loom knitting. For this scarf I casted on 20 stitches on a standard knitting loom. I used a yarn for a needle size of 7-8 mm.

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Simple scarf with fringes pattern

For this simple scarf with fringes cast on 20 stitches with de double e-wrap cast on stitch. After that simply keep on knitting with the e-wrap stitch untill your scarf is long enough. The e-wrap stitch has the tendency to curl up. That is why I use an edge stitch. That means that you do not knit the first peg on a new row.

In the video below I explain how to cast on, how to knit with the e-wrap stitch, how to make an edge stitch, how to bind of and of course how to make the fringes for this simple scarf with fringes.

Video: how to knit a simple scarf with fringes on a knitting loom

Other stitches for a scarf

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When you know how to make this simple scarf with fringes on a knitting loom, you can also make this scarf with other stitches. For scarfs a double sided stitch, that is a stitch that looks te same on both sides, is the best. Great stitches for a scarf are:

New to loom knitting?

If you are new to loom knitting go to this article and video to learn everything you need to know about knitting on a knitting loom.

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